Specification of the invention (patented)of a coaxial cable

beam antenna (directional) to replace existingparabola antenna
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This is an antenna which uses existing coaxialcable which is readily vailable at low cost.It consists of an arrangementof half wave length slots in coaxial cable which produces a beam antennawith good high frequency characteristics, which is easy to handle at lowcost.

EnlargedCross Section of Coaxial Cable

It has the following features ;

Possible fields in which the basic patent can bedeveloped and utilized-

* As receiving antenna for satellite broadcastingBS/CS
* As communication transmission and receiving antenna with and between vehicles
* As antenna for automatic road and highway driving systems.
* As antenna in ground stations for overcoming poor reception on cellular telephones.

The following patents for the beam antenna havebeen granted to the Beam Co., Ltd.; -

Country Patent Number
1UK GB2236907.B
2Netherlands 191.622
3France 8912468de publication2 652 453
4SouthKorea 06107
5USA 5546096
6. Germany ROLL ennummer G89 16 262.5
7. Japan  Patent pending 9116333
and to the Shinkoh Manufacturing Co.Ltd.:−
8. Japan 2641944

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