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Merchandise development for commercialization.

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Aluminum alloy bearing unit

The world 7 country patent acquisition

"The beam antenna"

This be mysterious "the Namera snow roof material"

This be mysterious "the Namera snow roof material"


Antenna in the 21st century that substitutes the parabolic antenna.

It gets finished) 7 country of acquisition out of (the interior the beam antenna 'the same axis slot antenna' the basis patent that adapts

in the new visual communication era when used multimedia (communications satellite technology) the communications satellite it is

and able to contribute to the expansion of the market of multimedia it is new antenna technology entirely.

Does not it try to utilize the beam antenna basis patent that gives a revolutionary impact to the application of the satellitemmunication

application for merchandise development?

Satellite communication application application example Sanitation broadcast relation BS/CS receiving antenna.

For a the home television

Difficult looking and listening area confidence.

Public institution confidence.

On the military affair destination for an office moving body communication receiving antenna.

Automobile satellite communication receiving antenna.

Sea moving body communicatio receiving antenna car nvigetion communication system antenna.

Antenna for a carrying telephone/difficult looking and listening area ground office.

Antenna for the highway automatic operation system.

Building communication back-up system antenna.

Building betrayal confidence antenna.

Antenna for the underground street/underground building It is while.

I apply the aforementioned new technical development field application patent other than the basis patents of the 7 country of world.


Mysterious roof material that slips off unnecessary-snow naturally and lower snow.

I propose of snow roof material that does not accumulate to the everybody of the snowy country.

Snow is lowered and be a trouble and not.

The maintenance cost unnecessary.

Running cost 0.

Of it utilizes 'a Namera snow roof material' a patent and let's develop a strong roof to the snow disaster.

As for the one who has an interest, please see the experiment record.

Patent 2 occurrences trademark registration 1 occurrence.


Aluminum alloy bearing unit.

At present as for the material of the bearing unit that is use the use condition is becoming severe for instance, the load that hangs in the

bearing unit in recent years, although the white metal as a base is nucleus is used a copper alloy and also tin under big and also high

temperature. This being coming not to correspond in the material strength of white metal because,

The need of the aluminum alloy bearing unit appeared.


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