We are requesting the new power of one of technology skill inclination toward the 21st century.

Does not it makes the specialist group of mechanism production with everyone?


Prospectus Contents of operation Academic career


Adoption personnel

Until sort of occupation 1 production technique university graduate 30 years old

One person Sort of occupation 2 casting skill unquestion 18〜45 years old rate

One person Sort of occupation 3 NC

MC operator unquestion 18〜40 years old

rate One person Salary duties/function in consideration of, company prescription by decision

Raise 1 time, a/the bonus twice, various kinds social insurance, labor insurance

Family, commuting, perfect attendance, qualification such as each allowance, in addition,

Office hours 8:15〜17:10 (a/the week average for 40 hours)

Vacation holiday 106 day

Various kinds insurance joining such as welfare public welfare health insurance/public welfare/employment/workmen's accidents

Club/golf flower arrangement/skiing etc.

Ball game convention, employee trip, second series commendation, function development furtherance system

the retiring allowance system our company retiring allowance system (leaving school gold/enterprise pension joining)


Application method

Application with application mail with a form

Please send it to address the mail that entered and be noticeable the following clause info @ shinko-m. co. jp.

Name .....

Sex distinction.....

Age..... The postal code .....

Address..... Phone number.....

Duties, business experience.....

Self PR...

If (it does not have the E-mail address unentry) Even a the telephone or FAX are receiving it.


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